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Guidelines for Medication Safety

Guidelines for Medication Safety

Guidelines for Medication Safety: 

There are many ways of keeping your family members safe when it comes to medications they take; knowing what they are is a different story. To help you with medication safety guidelines, some are listed for you below. Print this medication guideline safety list out and keep it handy in your home so that you and your family members can refer to it often. 


Guidelines for Medication Safety

Medication Safety Guidelines: 

You should have a medication list for each family member that you update on a regular basis. The list should contain what prescription medications and over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals they are taking as well as the dosage and schedule of when they take each one. 

Bring this list to each doctor appointment as you are often asked about the medications that you are taking when you visit a doctor and the list will make it easy to answer these questions. 

You should remember what medications you are taking, the strength and dosage. 

Guidelines for Medication Safety

You should keep the drug information pamphlet that comes with each prescription so that you have a ready to access list of all adverse side effects, warnings and other information that is important to know about each prescription medication you and family members are taking. If you do not have a pamphlet on a drug, than you can research it by searching for it online and printing out this information. 

Make sure that you know if there are any food and beverages that you should not take while taking each medication.

Also, make sure that you know if there are any medications that should not be taken with other medications that you are taking. There may also be some activities that you should not do while taking certain medications. Certain medications can make you drowsy and the label of the medication will advise not to operate machinery or drive a car while taking the medication. 

Your pharmacist is there to help you to understand about your medication. The pharmacist can help with dosing (amount and how to do it), how to store it, and safe ways to take the medication. You can ask your pharmacist any question you may have about your medication while you are there picking up the medication or you can call them on the phone once you get home and ask any questions you have. 

Guidelines for Medication Safety

Never take a prescription medication and an herbal supplement that are meant for the same purpose. 

When taking any medication whether it is a prescription or a over-the-counter make sure that you only take the recommended amount that is listed on the label. 

Children without a doctor?s approval should not take herbal supplements. 

Herbal supplements should not be taken by pregnant women or by those who are nursing babies. 

Herbal supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet; so only take them as directed. Always ask a doctor before using herbal supplements. 

Guidelines for Medication Safety



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